Mariano Loiácono was born in Cruz Alta, Argentina. By the age of 8 he began to study trumpet and piano at the Silvio Agostini Music School. He then traveled to Buenos Aires and studied privately for two years with Fernando Ciancio, Argentina's top classical trumpet player.

When he was 17, Mariano played principal trumpet for Rosario's Young Symphonic Orchestra and Rosario's Opera Orchestra. Four years later, 21 year old Mariano started to develop his jazz language with Julio Kobryn and Juan Cruz de Urquiza in Buenos Aires. He then entered in the Berklee College of Music in Buenos Aires, Argentina (E.M.C.) and received the highest education marks and becoming very well-known within the community, playing in the most important jazz clubs around the country with the world's top jazz players.

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Mariano Loiacono plays Lulu's Back In Town

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PMT - 700