For more than 14 years, SONSAX-Valerio, Harold, Walter, Pablo (saxophones) and Manrique (percussion), has pursued a particular creative vision. Through the years, SONSAX has maximized all the different qualities and possibilities of the saxophone and percussion, instruments that due to its versatility allow performing all different styles and rhythms that exist in the different musical languages around the world. The Montreal International Jazz Festival describes:

Costa Rican band SONSAX is a "world saxophone quartet" in every sense of word. The sax part is the four principal members of the family (baritone, tenor, alto, soprano — plus percussion), and the son can be from anywhere: sometimes cool, sometimes frenzied, sometimes laid-back lounge, sometimes pure funk — and always with enough Latin flavor to move you to dance or dream.

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Master Class of P.Mauriat artist Pablo Sandi at Honduras International Saxophone Festival 2012)

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Concert with Son Sax and Funky Fresh at Costa Rica University

Date: 14 May 2013

Location: Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica

Sonsax at Perusax 2011

Date: 04 July 2011

End Date: 08 July 2011

Location: Peru, Lima, Peru

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