Pro contoured hard case

“This case is DURABLE. The second day that I had my horn in this case, it spent 8 hours sliding around the back of a trailer with unsecured gear in the rain, in the mountains. Whoever packed the trailer didn’t exactly do a great job. When we eventually got out to get the gear, I found it underneath a bunch of heavy stuff that likely should have damaged my instrument from all of the weight and pressure impacting this case. Not to mention, I’m sure it hit a trailer wall a few times, no joke.

Remarkably, because of the butterfly locks (my favorite!), the horn never came out of the case. All of the locks were still fully locked and untouched. I love the tension on those locks! As well, I got to the gig, took my horn out, and played the show in entirety with not a single issue. My horn is now incredibly well protected. The record show that it can take a serious hit!

During the first portion of the tour, the areas that we traveled to and from saw generally about 2”+ of rain. We were all soaked, no matter what we did. It rained sideways in some places. It was absolutely ridiculous!! At one point, as the crew was unloading our gear, the case sat in the rain. It was no joke when I told you that anything that could have happened to this case happened to it! Miraculously, my horn came out 100% dry. The seals on the case are nice and incredibly tight- allowing for no water to get in and affect my horn. There wasn’t even evidence that water was able to even remotely make its way into the case. This is a great case to protect your horn from the elements.

One of the biggest advantages to this case is that the interior (aside from being beautiful!) is molded so well to the shape of the horn that I am 100% sure that it will never move. I love especially how protected my neck is in the case. It seems like the material that is surrounding the horn has some shock-absorbing properties to it as well, which is keeping my horn safe and sound! I love that it has a few little compartments for mouthpieces and other accessories. I can also confirm that it fits in overheads on planes, with ease!

I am pleased to say that this case has a permanent home in my arsenal of gear. After seeing everything that this case has gone through (and is continuing to go through as we speak), it is easy to see why this is an undeniable choice of case. This is a major step forward in cases and I am glad to see that such a reputable company such as P. Mauriat (that I love so much) offering these cases! They are a perfect addition for any saxophonist. I am going to recommend it to everyone I know that owns one of P. Mauriat’s beautiful saxophones!”

by Ryan Saranich

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