Trumpet artists worldwide discover P. Mauriat

Professional trumpet players from all corners of the world are discovering their ideal trumpet is a new P. Mauriat!  Hear what our artists are saying about these new models!

World renowned jazz artist Terell Stafford says,  "The sound isn't only pure, but it has a dark, focused quality which I really like".

From the United States, jazz legend John McNeil states, "many horns force their sound and personality on the player, but from the first moment I played a Mauriat it was my sound and personality that came through."

Canadian jazz/pop/salsa recording artist Alexis Baro says, "as a versatile player, I needed a horn that could complement my styles of playing and I finally found the one: great projection, awesome response, and the overall feel is amazing. I feel like I've been playing with it for years already . . . one of the greatest horns I've ever played."

In Central America, soloist and front man Erick Sánchez Orquestra writes, "After years of playing as a professional trumpet player, I finally found an instrument with a great sound quality, softness of tone, excellent intonation and clear projection on the high register.  All this combined with a beautiful look of the design; it’s a handmade instrument that gives me what I need to play in any musical style.”

We also wish to acknowlege the support from professional artists, Juan Cruz UrquizaMariano Loiácono and Marcelo Gillespi Rodriguez of South America, Mike Williams and Ralph Alessi of USA, Vladimir Kopot of Europe, and Rustem Galiullin of Asia who all play P Mauriat exclusively.

Now, we encourage you to discover what these incredible new horns can offer for you!  Just like all P Mauriat trumpet artists, every player has his or her own voice, and that's why it's so important to perform on an instrument that will not stand between you and your creativity.  Discover the feeling today at your local music store, or feel free to contact us directly and we'll be happy to assist you.

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