System - 76 2nd. Edition

review by Remi Alvarez

This is one of the best sopranos I´ve ever had, I used to play for many years the selmer serie III, now I´ll sale it. This PMauriat soprano is so easy to play, good intonation, you can go to the high notes and to the lower notes without problem, congratulations.


other reviews

Alejandro Chiabrando

When I tried for first time a P.Mauriat I could not believe that a horn made today could sound so good and be so easy to play. I thought that it was only a privilege from the vintage horns.

Darren Rahn

This saxophone delivers for me in the same way that the P. Mauriat tenors and altos do. I finally feel content with a soprano – this thing is great!

Arno Haas

Visually, the new System 76 UL 2nd edition differs much from my system 76 of the 1st generation. The mechanism is very much finer or more elegant and I have a feeling that it is a little bit lighter. Ergonomically, the saxophone is perfect in my hands. Easy to hold it comfortably (even without neckstrap) and to play. The intonation is as typical for P. Mauriat almost perfect, what for a soprano saxophone is certainly not obvious!

I had the pleasure of trying this sax at the 2010 NAMM show. This instrument left me with out words.

Farrell Vernon

I wanted to thank for the phenomenal SYSTEM 76 2nd EDITION SOPRANO saxophone. I can describe this soprano in two words, UNBRIDLED ENERGY. I was amazed at how effortless this soprano was to play in tune throughout the entire range of the instrument. High notes speak without having to contort my embouchure, yet the low notes are easily controlled to achieve even the softest of dynamics. I especially appreciate the tonal colors that are now available to me on this soprano.