PMSA - 86

review by Saul Lubaroff

A year ago, the music store where I teach starting carrying P. Mauriat horns and I bought the unlacquered PMSA 86 UL model. This is an amazing horn!! The sound is so dark, yet bright. It has so many layers of tonality. I can play a funk gig and every part of the horn's range will respond. It plays so well in tune, the over sized keys make playing fast a new experience for the pro player.It is also a beautiful horn, hand made with a gorgeous copper colored finish.  The gig bag rocks too!!!  I love my Mauriat horn, and I'm looking forward to owning a few more."


Saul Lubaroff

other reviews

Oliver Santana

The PMSA-86 UL has a unique flavor with versatility to control styles from legit playing to jazz, pop and rock, as a career lead player this alto fits perfectly in all big band and soloist situations giving you the presence you need always with a beautiful powerful lead alto sound.

WiL Caldwell III

All around Beautiful horn! The 86UL is exactly what i was looking for in an alto, it has that warm/ rich/ solid/ full-bodied tone.. this sax truly allows me to "Be myself" it allows my personality to really come through in my playing, i feel completely uninhibited by the horn, which for me, is what it all comes down to.

Thorbjørn Simmelhag

Thorbjørn Simmelhag, har spillet alto sax fra 1995. Fik min PMSA 86 i oktober 2013.
Spiller med i vip-gospelband, Danmark.