PMSA - 86

review by WiL Caldwell III

All around Beautiful horn! The 86UL is exactly what i was looking for in an alto, it has that warm/ rich/ solid/ full-bodied tone.. this sax truly allows me to "Be myself" it allows my personality to really come through in my playing, i feel completely uninhibited by the horn, which for me, is what it all comes down to.I know as professional musicians, we all have our uniquely individualized ideas of our personal sound, and many us strive to find the horn that will be the perfect tool for us to portray it... the 86UL does it for me!


other reviews

Saul Lubaroff

"I had been playing a Yamaha YAS-62 alto from the time I was 17. I never thought i would find a better sounding horn unless I could afford to buy a vintage Mark VI and spend thousands of dollars.

Oliver Santana

The PMSA-86 UL has a unique flavor with versatility to control styles from legit playing to jazz, pop and rock, as a career lead player this alto fits perfectly in all big band and soloist situations giving you the presence you need always with a beautiful powerful lead alto sound.

Thorbjørn Simmelhag

Thorbjørn Simmelhag, har spillet alto sax fra 1995. Fik min PMSA 86 i oktober 2013.
Spiller med i vip-gospelband, Danmark.