Le Bravo 200

review by Mirza Frljak

My name is Mirza Frljak. I am living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am saxophone and clarinet player. Although I have a large collection of saxophone, in addition to two Selmers and Conn, I decided to purchase your model tenor LeBravo.

I tried several P. Mauriat models, but I had the same attitude as your endoser Adam Klemm, Le Bravo is the best buying model for me. This horn attracted me because it had many excellent qualities. First of all, a suitcase and appearance, associated equipment provide a sense of seriousness and quality. The first contact with the instrument and is very attractive. Uniformity of all shades and easy blowing, good intonation, anatomical arrangement of the keys ... Horn gives a modern tone, mechanics is quite fast and silver neck gives sharp bright and precise tone.

Instrument is indeed equal to the other big and famous brands. I play many styles of music. From classical, pop, acid jazz, funky, and the folk music ... I play in orchestra of biggest Balkan folk star Halid Beslic and my first gig with my model Le Bravo was for an audience of 25,000 people.

Le Bravo quickly became the No1 tenor in my collection and I play it regularly on stage.