PMXT - 66R

Product Overview

As with all of our Rolled Tone Hole models, our truly unique rolling process uses the saxophone's existing material; unlike rolled tone holes of the past, there is no soldering here, the tone holes are drawn from the body and then rolled over allowing superior resonance throughout the entire saxophone and increased response in all ranges. We've also enlarged the bell to compliment an already warm, fat sound. The PMXT-66 RUL's raw brass finish allows the saxophone, uninhibited by layers of lacquer, to resonate freely.  In addition, the absence of lacquer allows the brass to age over time, creating a unique vintage look and feel, while allowing players to forge a mature sound that is uniquely their own.

who plays on this instrument?

Xavier Figuerola

Benjamin Harrison

Diego Maroto

Reggie Padilla

Widor Santiago

Rodolfo Reyes

Bill Harris

Eldon Jones

Jakob Dinesen

Alex Milsted

Adam Klemm

Tony Lakatos

Gary Campbell

Ada Rovatti

David Wright

Remi Alvarez

Arno Haas

Carlos Ubarte

Pedro Julio Aviles

Dror Ben Gur

Marco Pignataro


Alejandro Chiabrando

Roberto Benitez

Marco Spedaliere

Karlhos Misajel

James Carter

Ricky Sweum

Benjamin Barreiro

Enrico Galante

London-Silas Shavers


Mornington Lockett

Ed Epstein

Patrick Trahan

Dustan Cox