PMXT - 66R

It has become my main workhorse, I've already taken it to France, Italy and Israel (playing in the desert in 50 degrees heat - no problem!). I'm having a great time making music with my new "old" horn...

Roberto Benitez

After having the opportunity of playing for a long time on two excellent P.Mauriat Saxophones: Alto: PMXA-67R CL and Tenor: PMXT-66R CL, I can certainly say that they are instruments of first class in every way.

"Tenor saxophone PMXT-66RG is a free-blowing and powerful horn with a big, full and clear tone. Its response is so fast and effortless that anyone playing the Mauriat for the first time will be really surprised for the huge and roaring tone it delivers. Beside its fine sonical qualities, the P.Mauriat PMXT-66RG is a really solid saxophone, building quality and assembling are first class as well as it is its beautiful appearance."

Dan Stern

Even tone quality, great intonation and easy response of a modern horn, and the sound of classic vintage horns. Playing  a Mauriat allows me to focus all my energy on the music, and not on making the horn play!

Darren Rahn

It has such a great combination of resonance, clarity, and a wonderfully even sound from top to bottom. It is a one-of-a-kind horn that elevates my playing to another level. When I'm playing the Black Pearl it just feels like home base to me... to say that I love it is an understatement!

Adam Klemm

I recommend the P.Mauriat saxophones to players who are looking for a vintage sound and feel, but modern intonation and key work. The sound is really outstanding. PMXT 66R has its own personality.

Alejandro Chiabrando

When I tried for first time a P.Mauriat I could not believe that a horn made today could sound so good and be so easy to play. I thought that it was only a privilege from the vintage horns.

In the sound of my P. Mauriat PMXT 66R there is an original sound idea I have never heard in any other instrument.

I currently endorse the PMST-87 Tenor which is a very warm sounding horn with a bite. I have played various styles of music with it and it never lets me down. Just recently I have had the pleasure of trying the PMXT-66R DK. Immediately after I played my first note I yelled out "WOW" !!!!

Patrick Trahan

My 66RUL is the best of both worlds.  It boasts the great sound of the great vintage saxophones with modern day keywork and great intonation. 

Remi Alvarez

For me personally the most important thing is the sound, that´s my inspiration. The 66RUL has that deep sound that inspires all that crazy musical ideas that characterize my music...

Thank you P Mauriat for making these excellent horns.I currently am an Artist Endorser for P Mauriat here in Toronto Canada. I have been playing the PMST-87 Tenor which has a certain warmth with a lot of bite. Just recently I have fallen in love with the PMXT 66R DK .

Marco Spedaliere

I started playing P.Mauriat Saxophones in 2009. P. Mauriat instruments attracted my attention from the first moment.I heard that this company was very attentive to the wishes and needs of artists and that matter that even more attracted me was their willingness to create high performance instruments with an amazing sound quality based on: choice of materials, mechanics, aesthetic and much more.

Jakob Dinesen

When I got my P. Mauriat, for the first time in my life I felt inspired to play on a horn other than my old Selmer. The sound of PMXT-66 R is very warm and I get more volume and flexibility.

Roxy Coss

My new P. Mauriat is the best Tenor Saxophone I’ve ever played. t has a deep, rich tone and a flexible quality that allows me to access my own personal sound, but it also has a unique character that I haven’t heard in other saxophones, which allows me to push the boundaries of my sound concept and grow as an Artist.

Kirk Whalum

My romance with the sound of the tenor saxophone goes back to my early infatuation with the big “open” sound of my hero Arnette Cobb. The primary requirement for me — and the thing which married me to a particular brand for over 30 years — has always been openness of sound. Having been disappointed and underwhelmed with way too many brands (in spite of the hype), I hesitated to even try this instrument. But when I finally did give the new P. Mauriat PMXT-66RCL a try... my jaw dropped (causing my pitch to go flat for a second)!!

Jean-Philippe Cote

Hey there,
I am a professional player. I used to play on cruise ships but I'm now establishing myself in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I play mainly jazz but can also play rock, funk, ska, pop. The reason I bought a P. Mauriat is because I got a saxophone stolen. I have a Conn Chu Berry but start having problems with my left pinky practicing technic and scales.

Denzil Carnyorth

66RUL What a fabulous bright and cutting sound, mellow in all the right places and breaking it's way through where I want to make the moment... The naturallly aging finish 'lives' with me and evolves with my journey.

Edvin Ekman

I´ve been playing the 66R UL since christmas now and i´m still in love with it. The action, feel and the projection is just astonishing. One big difference from my other saxophone, yamaha yts-25 is that the low notes and the altissimo just pops out with an amazing intonation and clarity plus that theres more fatness and depth to it. Another important difference is that you get in touch with the instrument and your sound really fast and easy with this horn. It resonates with you!

PMXT - 66RUL -Josh Coleman

I got my P.Mauriat about three years ago and I have to say that it's quite an amazing horn, good response in all registers and very well rounded tone.

Reginald Padilla

"The P Mauriat 66R unlacquered tenor saxophone is by far one of the darkest, powerful, and most versatile horn that I have ever played. It can whisper lush sub tones and cut through with immense power all at the same time. As a result, I am able to use this saxophone in a number of environments, from big band playing, quintet playing, and even pop/fusion/rock/reggae/ gigs.

Pedro Masso

Hello my name is Pedro Masso, I am from Rio Grande, province of Tierra del Fuego – Argentina, I am writing this words to say thank you for the excellent product that you have, I am happy owner of the 66RUL and for me is an incomparable pleasure to play the horn. Bless you. Pedro Masso – Rio Grande , Argentina.

Alloj Diego

This is my 2nd P. Mauriat..... It's unbelievable... its sound is warm and fat, its look is very charmy in this version (unlaquered).

Ellis Wright

Every time I pick up this horn I fall back in love with it. It sounds great regardless if I'm playing blues, jazz, classical or rock. The lower register responds with a full, rich tone and the intonation on the high register is right on target. I'm primarily a blues/rock sax player and with the setup I have with this horn I can wail just like I want to.

Gabriel Costa

Que lindo saxo!! tengo un Mauriat 66RUL hace 4 años y sigo enamorado!!! No extraño mis viejos Selmer / Yamaha. Tuve un Mark VI alto, un Conn, Yamaha soprano, Buescher true tone, Selmer tenor serie SAII y ahora tengo un Mauriat 66RUL... feliz de la vida! probé el alto 67RUL y es como un Conn pero con mecánica actual!! Tremendo!!!