Magnum neck

Dustan Cox

Magnum neck is incredibly free blowing, has a slightly brighter sound that the Super VI neck, and even with the bigger bore (for me) it feels and sounds more ‘focused' than the Super VI.  The original Super VI neck sounds wonderful and has a slightly more spread sound and is also a little more ‘fuzzy' and ‘diffuse' than the Magnum. It's a great contrast between the two necks; it's like having two different horns!

Gary Campbell

Before I played it, it was hard for me imagine any neck sounding better than the "Super Six" neck that came with my 66R tenor. I have played the Magnum for a while and found it to produce a bigger sound, with richer overtones - full and resonant. I look forward to playing it more.

Patrick Trahan

My Unlacqured Magnum Neck is a great addition to my P. Mauriat 66RUL.  It adds a great amount of focus and power behind the sound. The clarity of sound is amazing and the neck is very free blowing.

That’s a great neck. A beautiful sound, good intonation and a fantastic response. After playing this neck for a few minutes, I thought "That’s a fascinating neck to play all different music styles".

Oliver Santana

The alto Crook/Magnum neck is the perfect tool for diverse style saxophone players, this neck helps control the texture, at the same time it can be explosive and present if you push it, various improvements are pitch, projection, and overall control of dynamics.